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(903) 792-7281 • 1407 Texas Blvd Texarkana, TX 75501
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2 Stars!
Member PhotoBy ArmyWife on October 8, 2008 - See all my reviews
Had 10:30AM appt scheduled 1 month ahead of move across town...they didn't show up until mid-afternoon. Sent 2 moving vans and plenty of help...the set-up was a nightmare. These guys apparently do not know how to put a bed back together...other mistakes too numerous to mention...they ALL stood around waiting for tips. Finally the supervisor showed up..I unhappily paid the bill but no tips were given for shoddy set-up service. What should have been a 2-hr job at the most..ended up being an 8-hr ordeal. I'll have to be desperate to use them ever again.
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5 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Cank on August 5, 2007 - See all my reviews
I have used this company to move me to college and back home 4 times. I have recently used them to come to Little Rock and move me from an apartment to a new home. They have always been very professional and wonderful to work with. They give free quotes and in the 4 times I have used them my price was reduced to a lower amount twice. Can you believe that. Also, they didn't collect a dime until the move was complete and I was in my new home. 5 stars for sure.
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