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5 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Allysa on January 6, 2011 - See all my reviews
I lived at burhman pharr for three years and I absolutly loved it!!! I loved the 2 and 3 bedroom apartments I had. I would recommend living there to anyone!!! ♥♥♥
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2 Stars!
Member PhotoBy NALG on December 28, 2010 - See all my reviews
I love the vintage look of the apts! Hands down there is no place more affordable for the size of the apt. The key card entry is a great thing as well. I also totally understand you can't expect any apt to be soundproof, however, I have never lived or stayed in an apt that you can be anywhere in your apt and hear your next door neighbor sneeze, Cough, or their tv better than yours. We'd hear upstairs a man beating his wife at 6am and kids running stampedes at 6pm. Then lay down at night and have the other side of the wall blaring Mario bros at 12am in our room and have to turn my 3yr olds volume on high bc of the sex on the other side of her wall. But not much mgmt can do about that. I never understood why the exit door that leads to the majority of the parking lot had an alarm several decibals to high for anyone's hearing, let alone a newborn. There should be a timer or something if you don't want it propped. They've also sent numerous letters about no smoking in apts almost as much as they send housekeeping notices. I realize they're trying to enforce it, but as many apts i walk by that have cigarette smoke REEKING out with the door shut, i just wanna know how they don't smell it when they walk in to "inspect"? I live a busy life and have always enjoyed keeping to myself, but lately it seems Im being singled out bc i don't socialize with the community. So if you aren't interested on the scoop of other peoples business, then this place isn't for you. BP has def rid of alot of trashy people, there are alot of good people there. The last thing i have to mention is the maintenance. I noticed when they moved the outside trashcans closer to the building, more people decided to litter out of their cars. So i almost had a flat tire from a beer bottle and a broken pasta sauce can. The mgr does a great job trying to tend to things but there's only so many times i can remind him, the janitor, and the maintenance staff that I've had a leaky faucet with no water pressure and mold and mildew under my sink for almost a year. We fixed the leak ourselves, but i guess they'll clean the mold and water pressure for the next tenants.
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5 Stars!
Member PhotoBy HLL0211 on January 18, 2008 - See all my reviews
I live here and I love it. I feel like I have a home, not an apartment. Quiet place for the majority. Couldn't be happier!
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4 Stars!
Member PhotoBy BPL on December 21, 2007 - See all my reviews
I am the Manager here at the lofts, and I appreciate your feedback. However, I do believe that some of the things you mentioned in your review were a little exaggerated, and other statements you made were somewhat misinformed.

As with any new business starting up there are always some bugs that need to be worked out.

So with that being said, I will start first with the noise issue you brought up. We all realized very early on that there was a noise issue in the building. I pushed very hard to do the renovations needed to fix this issue, and worked very diligently to get bids from contractors, as well as drum up the $75k+ it took to do the job. We started on fixing this problem as early as we possibly could, and today the construction crew only has three more apartments to soundproof before this job is complete. As with any apartment, however, you are never going to have an apartment that is "COMPLETELY" soundproof. I am sure any apartment manager at any complex in town would agree with that statement. I do assure that this issue has been addressed, and it has been months since I have received a noise complaint from any of my residents.

Issue number two that you mentioned was that the place was trashy. When we first opened the lofts an independent contractor was hired to perform the tasks of keeping the premesis clean. During the period of time when the job was contracted out I was not happy with the quality of work being done. This was not completely the fault of the contractor, however, but most likely a combination of poor quality work, and what we could afford to pay at the time. However, since August we have employed an in house daily janitor. Now that we employ a on site custodial staff, I would argue that the condition of the lofts is much better.

In your review you mentioned that the cause of this is that the people who reside here do not clean up after themselves, garbage leaks on the carpet, and etc. This is not an issue at all with Management or Staff. We do our best to keep the Lofts clean, but as you know we can't physically be everywhere at one time.

I would also argue that since this was posted in September, most of those individuals that were the cause of the mess have been evicted from the property. In October I evicted a total of 7 apartments full of people, and since then the atmosphere has changed dramatically.

Also you are correct that we cannot discriminate in accepting anyone who has the qualifications to reside here (nor would we want to discriminate against anyone), due to something called the Fair Housing Laws (you might have heard of them). This property is operated under Section 42 meaning that is technically a Tax Credit property. This means that the MAJORITY, of the apartments in this building are set aside to provide affordable housing to median income families. Without our Tax Credit Program this project would not have been possible to undertake at all, and therefore, would mean there would be no lofts at all. I would also argue that during this period of "messyness", for the most part it was not the Tax Credit people who were the cause of it. As for the comment regarding safety, I myself have never once felt unsafe, and have never receieved a complaint from any of my residents that they felt unsafe. The Buhrman Pharr Lofts is a community where most residents know most of the other people in the building, and I would argue that they get along well with each other.

As for your comment about plants, decoration, and modern art, I completely agree. I am sure that once we get done with construction, and the budget begins to allow for such things it will be addressed. However, if you have any particular artwork you would like to see displayed in the lofts you are welcome to bring it by, and I will happily display it the foyer or atrium to be viewed.

I do agree that the lofts have not yet reached their full potential. Every new business goes through some growing pains, but all of the issues named here, have either already been adressed, or are currently being addressed. If anyone would like to come see for yourself feel free to call me, and schedule a time to come view the lofts for yourself.

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2 Stars!
Member PhotoBy iRateYourFace1Star! on September 14, 2007 - See all my reviews
A great disappointment. It had so much potential. Its truly frustrating and sad, but first...

The Good-
The rooms by themselves look really really really freaking awesome, like something out of New York City. From the wooden beams to the whitewash brick. Its just plain cool. I love the room, just wish I could bring it with me somewhere else. I give the room 5 stars!

The Bad-

[The Noise]
ok Where do I begin. The number one complaint you will hear is that it is extremely noisy. I mean you hear kids screaming and crying , people talking, having sex, TVs, pets, all sounding like they are right in the room with you, i am not over exaggerating. However they are currently working and fixing this issue right now so I am not even gonna count this in the star review really. But thought i would mention it.

The place is filthy and disgusting. People Dont give a crap that they are sharing the place with other people. There are garbage leak stains all over the carpet in the walk ways everywhere. Urine stains, trash just laying around for pointless reasons. Like toothbrushes and bras and candy wrappers. The place is never swept or anything. the outside is hiddeous!

[alot of the residents]
I know you cant discriminate in excepting people to live in a housing unit, but can't you just a little? It could have been a place for people that really respect what the place is trying to be. In stead it feels like a frathouse or a ghetto. You dont really have a sense of complete saftey.

The manager of the lofts is a really nice guy, and im not sure what he can or cant do. But what he shouldnt do is leave cheap obnoxious signs taped everywhere like its an office building. And hire a janitor .THE PLACE NEEDS A DAILY JANITOR!
Very important-There could be some plants and modern art and paintings or something in the entrance way and especially the atrium!! but it is left barren. It feels really empty and unfisnished and forgotten about. And if you do decorate, please think modern urban art, progressive.
It doesnt feel safe at night could they put up some lights outside? More cameras? or do something about the parking? At least lights.

[In conclusion]
I love being in my room when you can't hear your neighbors. It looks and feels cool, but as soon as you open your door. Close your eyes! EVERYTHING that I have shared here is something that I and other like minded residents have vented to each other and agree with. This is why most of us are moving out. I fear that the trashy people have claimed it for themselves. Such a waste! It had potential.
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