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5 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Babygirl on January 14, 2008 - See all my reviews
My son is just in kindergarden, but he did go to pre k here. Both the teachers have been wonderful!!
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4 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Jimbo on October 15, 2007 - See all my reviews
Quality exists because individuals at PG care. As a district, it suffers the same ailments as other ISD's. For example: Students should not be geared up with extra 'lessons' for state mandated tests. If they would spend the time teaching what they should be learning, they WOULD be able to pass. Too much worry about the image, and how it will appear, instead of just being the best they can.
The tax base is not the multi million dollar I-30 corridor, but it has quality of education for those willing to accept the challenge.
No BIG name sports programs here, but lots of big hearted players in the athletic program playing for school pride, especially those not in football. (Not a lot of media attention given if your not playing Friday night.)
Areas of excellence: fine arts. The Band, Drill team, Drama, etc. all represent the school very well. Many fine individuals in the student body represent themselves well in the community.
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3 Stars!
Member PhotoBy taximama on July 25, 2007 - See all my reviews
This school has great ratings and high state tests scores. That may be what you're looking for. But beware, this is a prep school with a whole lot of politics. My two children did attend PG...However,unless things have changed over the past couple of years,

+ Staff (vice-principal) were un-courteous to children and/or adults upon exiting vehicles in morning drop off at PGES. With the exception of one lady coach.
+ Office Staff were seldom courteous to adult visitors at all three campuses.
+ Office staff were intimidating to students at PGHS.
+ Restrooms at PGMS & PGHS were unclean and not regularly supplied with soap/towels...and many faucets/stall doors were inoperable. My kids used to "hold it" til they came home.
+ Upon contacting administration at any campus...when a reply was received, it was in defense of the district, instead of caring and concern for the student at hand. Always a “we aren’t at fault attitude”...never “I’m sorry you feel that way, let’s try to work this out”.
+ Coaches relied on athletes who attended summer camps, etc., instead of actually teaching the students fundamentals of each
+ Your name meant alot in athletic programs.
+ Your name meant alot in discipline procedures.

On a postive note:
+ They had a great art/drama dept.
+ Great band/drill team program
+ Some wonderful teachers
+ Great volleyball program
+ Secure, smaller environment

Finally, food for thought:
My kids survived and even had great memories...however, they say that this is not the school their future children will be attending.
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4 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Deathstalker on July 14, 2007 - See all my reviews
Very good school system especially in art program. The only down size is its small so if your children don’t fit in there they are probably going to be out of luck
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