Bowie-Cass Electric Co-Op

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(903) 846-2311 • 117 North St Douglasville, TX 75560
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4 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Jimbo on October 15, 2007 - See all my reviews
MOved out to Bowie cass lines, and it's a little more than the local, but our service has been good. Minimal interuptions since the Ice Storm, and the number to report an outage has got us back up quick each time.
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1 Star!
Member PhotoBy cochran42906 on August 8, 2007 - See all my reviews
If I could do 1/2 a star or no star at all I would! My husband got our electric pole set on July 3rd...Bowie Cass came out to inspect the pole on July 6th...didn't hear from them until they called and said that they would have us hooked up on a Friday. Didn't see them on Friday...called on Monday. They didn't have us on the books for Monday or Tuesday. FINALLY talked to someone on Wednesday and they came out on Thursday to hook up the electric. The date that we FINALLY got electricity was Thursday, July26th. Had to be COMPLETELY moved out of an apartment by July 31st. Thanks Bowie Cass for not giving me a whole lot of time to get moved!
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